Humanitarian Action Plan for Tropical Cyclone Lusi



The Humanitarian Action Plan (HAP) is a tool for structuring a coordinated humanitarian response for the first three months of a new emergency. It contains an analysis of the context and of humanitarian and early recovery needs (citing whatever specific needs assessments are available, as well as any other evidence such as informal reports, remote sensing, background data, and inference), response plans (at the general strategic level as well as sector plans), and information on roles and responsibilities.)

Tropical cyclone Lusi was a category 1 increasing to 2 cyclone that passed through Vanuatu in March 10-13, 2014.

The initial impact reports from the provinces indicated the following:

 10 dead

 4 injured

 149 people displaced (60 in Santo, 52 in Emae, 37 in nth Pentecost)

 117 houses damaged (27 Emae) (11 Maewo) (37 nth Pentecost)(42 Efate)

 3 classrooms destroyed (2 in Hiu, 1 in Herebala –Torba Province)

 2 churches destroyed – (Maewo and Ambae)

There were no reports of significant damage in Tafea province.

An aerial assessment was made by a team of Public works, Agriculture, Water sanitation and hygiene, NDMO, Vanuatu Police and Red Cross staff on March 14. Cluster assessment teams were then deployed across 5 provinces.