Embassies wait for list of needs after Vanuatu earthquake

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Embassies and aid agencies are continuing discussions with the Vanuatu government about assistance following the weekend earthquake and tsunami.

Ten people died when Pentecost island was hit on Saturday.

Supplies of temporary shelter have been flown to the island, but officials are concerned about water and food supplies, especially to remote areas, cut off by landlsides.

Sue Cox from the Australian High Commission in Port Vila says the Australian, New Zealand and French Consulates are waiting for a final decision from Vanuatu on what the government needs:

The immediate needs will be for food, water, water purification tablets, medical supplies and shelter. And it will be important to get those to people quickly. And we've been seeing what we can source locally and what we can source out of New Caledonia, New Zealand and Australia at this part of our cooperation.

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