Dengue Outbreak in Vanuatu - Situational Report 3 | Covering Period from February 8th to 20th March 2018

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● As of 20 th March 2018, a total of 329 suspected dengue cases have been reported in Sanma, Shefa and Penama Province, out of which 52 have been confirmed by RDT.

● The highest number of confirmed cases was in week 9 and the trend is decreasing.

● DENV-2 serotype confirmed, same as in 2016-2017, which can explain the low number of cases reported.

● Cases are locally transmitted.

● Case definition: Fever for at least 2 days

PLUS two or more of the following;

  • Nausea or Vomiting

  • Muscle or Joint pain

  • Severe Headache or pain behind the eyes

  • Rash

  • Spontaneous bleeding


● Age range: 1-85 years’ old

● Almost half (42%) are children below 14 years

● 55% Male, 45% Female

● 98% of the cases were from Sanma

Province. Areas presented with more dengue cases were, Sarakata, Banban, St Therese, Chapuis and second canal areas.

Symptoms / hospitalization

● 76% fever, 30% Severe headache, 23% Joint Pain, 19% Nausea/Vomiting, 11% Muscle pain, 4% Conjunctivitis, Rash and Retro-Orbital Pain

● No deaths, 6 Hospitalized


● 315 dengue Rapid Diagnosis Test (RDT) done

● 52 Positive Results:

o NS1 and IgM positive: 2 cases

o NS1 only: 34 cases

o IgM only: 16 Cases

● Four samples have been send to IPNC and confirmed positive for dengue by PCR and all four are confirmed to be DENV-2 serotype.

Public Health Response

● Awareness programs within communities focusing on:

o Dengue signs and symptoms and need to seek health care

o Preventive measures: personal protective from mosquito bites and removal of breeding sites around households.