Cyclone Zuman flooding subsides

from Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Published on 03 Apr 1998
Early reports say Cyclone Zuman caused extensive damage to crops and fruit trees in northern Vanuatu.

Pacific correspondent Richard Dinnen reports flooding caused by the cyclone has begun to subside.

Cyclone Zuman hammered northern parts of the island of Santo on Wednesday. It's now well to the west of Santo, but it's left behind a trail of destruction. Homes, bridges and public buildings have been damaged in many areas, along with food crops. There's also serious concern about coconut plantations on the island - Santo is a major producer of copra and cyclone damage could seriously hurt the industry. Flooding around the town of Luganville has eased, but there's still no word on damage on islands off-shore of Santo - communications are still proving difficult in some areas. Damage assessment will continue today.

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Fri Apr 3 04:30:01 1998 ( AEST )

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