Aerial survey reveals Cyclone Dani's damage to Vanuatu

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An aerial survey of Vanuatu over the weekend has revealed the extent of damage caused by cyclone Dani.

Daniel Guille reports that flooding has caused much of the damage to roads and bridges near the capital, Port Vila.

The damage in the villages of the northern islands of Santo and Malekula is not as severe as what was foreseen. In most villages that were visited , houses have resisted. Crops have been damaged but not to the point where food shortage is considered. However , as previously reported around the capital city of Port Vila, the main damage in Santo and Malekula is on roads and bridges that have been totally destroyed by the floods in numerous places. The aerial survey this weekend confirmed that during the passage of cyclone Dani, the floods had caused far more destruction than the wind and it will be very difficult to repair.

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