Uzbekistan 2012-2015: Long Term Planning Framework

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  1. Who are we?

The IFRC secretariat is organised in business groups:five decentralised Zone offices and four business groups at the Geneva secretariat. The Europe Zone Office is one of the five decentralised zone offices with several regional and country offices reporting to it. As of the beginning of 2011 the Regional Representation in Almaty has been providing support to the Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan National Societies. The support to the Uzbekistan Red Crescent will continue coming from Almaty until the status agreement with the IFRC is renewed. The intention is to establish a permanent presence in the country through a function of a Federation representative as soon as the situation permits it.

In line with Strategy 2020 and other policy decisions made by the Federations statutory meetings and bodies as well as reviews undertaken by Europe Zone Office of its approach to the provision of support to National Societies, the Regional Representation provides core membership services and technical support to the Uzbekistan Red Crescent. In addition, the Regional Representation will provide support to the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society to integrate the Federations Strategy 2020 into its new strategic development plan and to follow up its implementation. It will also promote and facilitate data input for the Databank from the Uzbek Red Crescent Society as well as other initiatives of the Building Strong National Societies Comprehensive Framework.