Uruguay - Floods (Government of Montevideo, INUMET, FloodList, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 19 January 2022)

  • Due to heavy rainfall that was recorded on 17-18 January, several parts of Montevideo Capital City, and Canelones Municipality (southern Uruguay) have been flooded, as reported by national authorities.

  • According to media, at least 160 people were evacuated, while hundreds of persons have been affected, as flood waters have damaged houses and roads. More than 10,000 households experienced electricity outages.

  • The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (INUMET) confirmed that on 17 January in few hours, heavy rainfall between 50 and 100 mm was recorded in Montevideo and between 50 and 120 mm in Canelones.

  • National authorities are assisting the affected population with food, water, shelter and relief items.

  • On 19-20 January, heavy rainfall is forecast over central and central-eastern Uruguay.