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R4V Southern Cone Situation Report - June 2020



• COVID-19 self-isolation measures were extended and tightened in most of the sub-region, with Argentina and Bolivia taking a step back in the relaxation of measures in main urban centres, where most cases have been reported.

• The humanitarian impact of the pandemic on refugees and migrants from Venezuela continued to be tough and disproportionate, as they continue with no means to reengage in their income and livelihoods activities. Many continue lacking shelter, food and money to pay for their basic needs, while others are confronted with homelessness.

• Border closures were maintained in the four countries. Nevertheless, Argentinian and Paraguayan authorities are considering exceptions to the closure of borders for people in need of international protection, as already done by Uruguay. The Bolivian National Commission for Refugees (CONARE) met in June and recognized 50 Venezuelan as refugees. In Paraguay, so far in 2020, 670 new asylum applications have been received from Venezuelans.

• An increase in xenophobic expressions and discrimination were reported in Chuy, Uruguay since the first positive COVID-19 case among foreigners was diagnosed. Local and departmental authorities have implemented health controls for refugees and migrants who arrive from Brazil. Faced with possible positive cases, the aim is to establish a shelter that allows isolation.