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R4V Southern Cone Situation Report - July 2020

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• While Uruguay and Paraguay have managed to keep contagions at bay, Argentina and Bolivia continued to see an increase in COVID-19 positive cases during this month, with public health facilities threatened to exceed their capacities to respond to patients. In spite of the increase in cases in Argentina and Bolivia, self-isolation measures have been relaxed, mainly due to economic pressures. One Venezuelan died in Argentina due to COVID-19.

• The humanitarian impact of the pandemic on refugees and migrants from Venezuela continued to be difficult and disproportionate after more than four months of lockdown, as many continue without means to reengage in income and livelihoods activities. Many continue to lack shelter, food and money to pay for their basic needs.

• Border closures were maintained in the four countries. In Paraguay, the Executive Secretariat of the National Refugee Commission (CONARE) requested support from R4V partners for the family reunification of a group of Venezuelans, relatives of a Venezuelan residing in Asunción, who were stranded on the border with Brazil (Ponta Porá and Foz de Iguazú).

• In La Quiaca, Argentina (border with Bolivia), partners were informed that several Venezuelans have been returned to Bolivia, after attempts to cross the border using irregular routes. On the Bolivian side (Villazon), partners continued to monitor the situation of Venezuelans who were still stranded at this border point.