FAO/GIEWS - Foodcrops & Shortages 3/01 - Uruguay

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Planting intentions for 2001 wheat campaign stand at 200 000 hectares, representing a significant increase from the 120 000 hectares planted last year. The increase is due to the expectation of higher wheat prices and the high yields obtained last year. Moreover, farmers this year are expected to shift resources from beef production into agriculture following recent outbreaks of foot and mouth disease. Barley planting intentions are also on the increase. The recently harvested maize crop is estimated at 200 000 tonnes. The Association of Rice Growers (ACA) reports that a total of 157 000 hectares of paddy were harvested, with an estimated output of 990 000 tonnes.
Heavy rains in early June left homeless some 8 000 people in the northern department of Artigas and southern Brazil. The economic situation of the area is precarious because of the suspension of trade earlier in the year to contain the spread of foot and mouth disease.