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USVI: Hurricane Recovery and Resiliency Task Force - Report 2018

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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In October 2017, Governor of the US Virgin Islands Kenneth Mapp called for the Hurricane Recovery and Resiliency Task Force to develop a comprehensive report on the 2017 hurricanes’ impact, as well as produce recommendations for effective recovery and resilience. Specifically, the report was to answer three questions for each of several sectors:

  1. What happened during the hurricanes and why?

  2. How will climate change affect the sector in the future?

  3. What will the Territory do?

This report fulfills this mandate and builds on and complements the work that different governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations have been doing since the storms and will continue to do in the future. It covers areas that no single organization is responsible for (like Private Telecommunications), includes information on future climate risks developed in collaboration with regional climate scientists (University of the Virgin Islands), and provides in one place a list of recovery and resilience initiatives across all of the report’s 14 sectors (Energy, Public and Private Telecommunications, Transportation, Water, Solid Waste and Wastewater, Housing, Health, Education, Economy, Vulnerable Categories, Philanthropy, Nonprofit and Volunteer Organizations, Government Response, and Funding).