USA: MAF plane on its way to Mississippi

News and Press Release
Originally published
An MAF airplane Cessna 206 is in transit to Jackson, MS to assist with relief efforts. At first, the plane will help transport the equipment and personnel needed to setup and operate the first two of 10 planned emergency satellite communications centers.

The first shipment of equipment is expected to arrive in Jackson this coming Friday or Saturday. It will require two to three days to set up the equipment. An hour later it will be fully operational and open to users.

MAF is working with FEMA, MS EMA, and the American Red Cross, but is coordinating its efforts through the Red Cross offices in Washington, DC and Chicago as even the local Red Cross has limited communication capabilities.

Communications services will initially be offered to first responders such as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and other emergency personnel who will then be able to communicate within their respective organizations, as well as other agencies, to better coordinate and prioritize relief efforts.

The few roads that are open are gridlocked as evacuees are allowed to return to their neighborhoods and devastated homes to salvage what they can of their belongings.

Thanks to a generous donor, an MAF Cessna 206 aircraft is scheduled to arrive in Jackson this evening or early Wednesday morning, September 7th.