Two years of responding to Hurricane Katrina 2005 - May 2007

News and Press Release
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In the two years since Hurricane Katrina devastated much of the Gulf Coast, thousands of volunteers clad in blue t-shirts have been a symbol of hope to the survivors. The following numbers provide an update on the expenditure of financial gifts to the response and an accounting of the extraordinary human resources that have given life and personal witness to the dollars.

Financial Information

Humanitarian Response

Donations: $20,300,000

Disbursements: $8,100,000

Balance: $12,200,000

Church Repair, Pastors' Salaries, and Support to Presbyteries *

Donations: $ 3,840,000

Disbusements: $ 2,600,000

* Decisions on allocations of these resources were made by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF). The IATF is composed of representatives from the six entities of the General Assembly (the Office of the General, Assembly, Board of Pensions, General Assembly Council, Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program, Presbyterian Publishing Corporation and the Presbyterian Foundation) along with representatives from PDA, and represenattives from the Synods of the Sun and Living Waters.

(The above figures are rounded to the nearest $100,000 amount.)

Volunteer Information

  • 31,350 volunteer work team participants have given 1,174,230 hours of service valued at $17 per hour; worth $19,961,910

  • Long term volunteers have given 70,520 hours of service valued at $13 per hour; worth $916,760

  • PDA Call Center volunteers have given 7,380 hours of service valued at $12 per hour; worth $88,560

  • Homes worked on: 3,380

  • Homes completely rebuilt: 565

  • 18,160 Immediate Response Kits (health, school, and Hope in a Box) have been received and distributed; value $340,000
(The above figures are based on the best available information, with an estimated value of services received.)

A new video telling the story of Presbyterians sharing the journey to recovery is currently being produced. Please order this video to share with your congregation; send an email to Jenny Oldham, and the video will be mailed to you upon its completion. The anticipated completion date is August 30, 2007.