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GRACE Act advocacy toolkit

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America’s legacy as a safe haven for persecuted people is under threat as the administration has committed to welcome the smallest number of refugees yet. But there is a solution: the GRACE Act will restore America’s bipartisan refugee admissions program, but only if Congress acts now. This toolkit suggests five ways you can take action to ensure Congress endorses and enacts the GRACE Act this year!

What’s happening?

  • On September 26, 2019 the Trump administration announced that the U.S. will aim to admit just 18,000 refugees in Fiscal Year 2020, the lowest goal in the history of the bipartisan U.S.
    Refugee Admissions Program by far.

  • Congress has the power to restore admissions to regular levels through the Guaranteed Refugee Admissions Ceiling Enhancement (GRACE) Act.

Why is the GRACE Act important?

  • The GRACE Act will ensure the U.S. aims to admit at least 95,000 refugees annually, the average goal since 1980.

  • It will also ensure the administration is held accountable to welcome refugees by increasing transparency through regular reporting on refugee admissions to Congress.

  • The GRACE Act demonstrates America’s commitment to welcoming refugees, sending a strong signal both to displaced people around the world and to the countries hosting them that we will not turn our backs on persecuted people.
    Why 95k, and why now?

  • Democratic and Republican presidents alike over the last forty years have set an average goal of admitting 95,000 refugees annually.

  • We are in the midst of an unprecedented global refugee crisis affecting nearly 26 million people.

  • Refugee resettlement is a lifeline for less than one percent of the world’s refugee population.

  • Welcoming refugees saves lives and demonstrates America’s support for people fleeing persecution by providing safe haven to those most in need of protection.

  • In the face of this historic crisis, the Trump Administration has repeatedly reduced the refugee admissions goal to unprecedented lows; it now stands at just 18,000, the lowest goal ever.
    What you can do!

  • Congress needs to hear your support for the GRACE Act and welcoming 95k refugees next year.

  • This toolkit provides a range of ways you can take action in support of refugees:

  1. Call your Member of Congress to ask them to co-sponsor the GRACE Act

  2. Sign the IRC’s 95k for 95k petition

  3. Spread the word on social media

  4. Write Op/Eds

  5. Write Letters to the Editor