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WFP Tanzania Burundian Refugees External Situation Report #29, 17 February 2016

Situation Report
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Burundian refugees are currently arriving into Tanzania at a rate of about 184 persons per day. Among these new arrivals, women and children make up 78% and children alone make up 58%. The total population of new Burundian refugees in Tanzania stands at over 130,000.

Situation Update

  • Violence continues in Burundi.

WFP Response

Food Assistance

To date, a cumulative total of 16,459 mt of food commodities have been distributed to over 130,000 new Burundian refugees. This includes:

  • 566 mt served as hot meals to over 130,000 refugees at Reception/Transit Centres;

  • 15,561 mt of dry rations provided to over 130,000 refugees. Dry rations include maize meal, pulses, oil, salt and Super Cereal;

  • 37 mt of High Energy Biscuits and dates distributed by UNHCR and IOM as ready to eat food to 56,220 refugees in transit from various Reception/Transit Centres;

  • 157 mt of Super Cereal Plus provided to 18,354 children between 6-23 months and 6-59 months of age to prevent malnutrition and to treat moderate acute malnutrition, respectively; and

  • 138 mt of various food commodities provided to 16,006 beneficiaries including pregnant and lactating women, children with moderate acute malnutrition, HIV patients on medication and hospital in-patients.