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UNHCR Tanzania: Refugee Population Update (as of 30 September 2017)

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Background information

The Burundi Refugee Situation in Tanzania began in late April 2015. The months that followed saw significant high number of persons of concern arriving in Tanzania, mainly through Kagunga, a tiny border village along Lake Tanganyika, and other entry points in Kigoma Region. New arrivals were relocated to Nyarugusu camp, which was already hosting 65,000 persons of concern, mainly DR Congolese. The camp quickly ran out of capacity to host DR Congolese and the new population of Burundians. This prompted the opening of a new camp, Nduta, in Kibondo district on 07 October 2015. A second camp, Mtendeli opened on 14 January 2016 to host the continuing new arrivals. Since Mtendeli reached its full capacity of 50,000 in early October 2016, all Burundian new arrivals are hosted in the expanded Nduta camp. Arrivals from DR Congo and other countries continue to be hosted in Nyarugusu.

The prima facie refugee status recognition of Burundian asylum seekers was revoked on 20 January 2017. New arrivals need to undergo refugee status determination processes.