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UNHCR regional update: Burundi situation No. 0017 (as of 5 June 2015)

Situation Report
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  • The Government of Burundi announced the postponement of general elections and there are discussions and negotiations within the political parties.

  • In Burundi, UNHCR is receiving a lot of requests from urban refugees to be relocated to camps. Like Burundian nationals, urban refugees are moving for security reasons as well as loss of livelihood opportunities.

  • In neighboring countries the rate of arrival of Burundian asylum seekers has reduced significantly amid continuing claims of people being prevented from leaving Burundi. Reasons for flight remain mainly intimidation and fear of arrest.

  • Tanzania: UNHCR has a mobile team conducting visits to Kagunga every other day, and maintaining daily remote contact with various stakeholders to ensure systematic access to information on new arrivals. UNHCR has secured a location near Kagunga to serve as a reception facility for Burundian new arrivals.

  • Rwanda: The Government has allocated an additional 50,000-capacity for refugees who continue to arrive at an average rate of 200 per day. About 80% of new arrivals have been registered by UNHCR.

  • Dem. Republic of Congo: About 10,000 refugees registered so far including a group of 110 persons who arrived in Lubumbashi over the last few days. 800 refugees have so far been relocated to Lusenda Refugee camp.

  • Zambia: secondary movements of Burundian Refugees through Tanzania are reported and need to be verified.

  • In Tanzania, no cholera/acute watery diarrhea-related death has been reported since 19 May, and high vigilance, sustained health, WASH and control measures and hygiene promotion activities are continuing.