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UNHCR Regional Update 29 - Burundi Situation, September 2016

Situation Report
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Key Figures

  • 311,083 New Burundian refugees in asylum countries since April 2015 as of 31 August 2016.


  • USD 180.6 million requested for the overall situation through UNHCR's Supplementary Appeal (January-December 2016)

  • Gap: 54%

  • Funded: 46%


  • Burundi: Implementation of emergency response to vulnerable populations through activities funded by CERF and protection / monitoring of spontaneous returnees

  • DRC: Establishment of new camp site to host incoming refugees as Lusenda Camp has reached its full capacity

  • Rwanda: There is a need for (solar) lighting in Mahama Camp to improve the camp's protection environment

  • Tanzania: Finding additional camp space for incoming Burundian refugees together with the Government of Tanzania


  • Tanzania: Interim arrangements have been made with the Government that have allowed UNHCR to increase camp population capacity at certain camps that had reached their full capacity. These interim measures are short-term solutions, therefore new camp sites are still urgently needed to accommodate the continuing influx of refugees. The daily arrival rate of Burundian refugees increased to 349 by the end of September.

  • Rwanda: The 2016 target for the construction of semi-permanent shelters has been doubled to 6,000, which will significantly improve housing conditions for the refugees. Currently a total of 1,919 semi-permanent shelters have been constructed, housing 30% of the population in Mahama. Additional land is needed to allow the construction project to be completed.

  • Uganda: Refugees entering Uganda in September have been arriving from certain areas where flights were rarely recorded since the start of the influx (such as Muramvya). According to these refugees the Imbonerakure militia group launched attacks and continued to target people that belong to the country's opposition party.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo: The amount of refugees received from Burundi between July and September was 4,685, compared to 1,773 that arrived between April-June. Lusenda camp has now reached its maximum capacity, which is why two new sites have been identified by the National Commission for Refugees (CNR), both located in Fizi territory.

Population of concern

  • A total of 311,083 people of concern as of 31 August 2016 since the influx began in April 2015