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Tanzania Refugee Situation: COVID-19 Emergency Response Dashboard (10 - 23 October 2020)

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Situation Overview

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving with over 41-million conrmed cases worldwide. In Tanzania, the number of conrmed cases are 509 as of 29 April 2020, when gures were last updated. A serious risk exists for spread within the country, as well as in the three refugee camp locations. To forestall such an event which would have dire consequences on refugees and host communities, UNHCR and partners have initiated preparedness plans across all locations. The Regional Administration and Local Government, Kigoma Region COVID-19 Contingency Plan of March 2020 integrates refugees hosted in the region into the region’s primary strategy for COVID-19. Within the umbrella of this plan and in close cooperation with the Refugee Services Department within the Ministry of Home Aairs and the Regional Authorities, in particular the Regional Medical Ocer, UNHCR is coordinating and working closely with partners for camp level preparedness and response aiming to preclude contagion in the refugee camps and to minimize the risk of importation from those seeking refuge. The situation in the camps remains calm, with both police and community watch teams maintaining order. This dashboard summarizes the key highlights of UNHCR’s enhanced measures for COVID-19.