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Tanzania: Population Movement - Emergency Plan of Action Final Report (MDRTZ017)


Appeal history

April 2015: Influx of Burundian refugees fleeing pre-election violence start arriving in neighbouring countries.

May 2015: The Government of Tanzania officially requested international support to respond to the humanitarian needs. A 5-member IFRC Field Assessment and Coordination Team (FACT) arrived in Tanzania for 1 month. With 15,000 refugees received in Nyarugusu refugee camp and more than 30,000 refugees reportedly at Kagunga border post, an Emergency Appeal was launched for 1 million Swiss francs to assist 20,000 people, including 231,389 Swiss francs from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) as start-up funding.

May 2015: Mass Sanitation Module (Austrian and Swedish Red Cross) and Basic Health Care (Spanish Red Cross) Emergency Response Units are deployed.

June 2015: Revised Emergency Appeal (n° 1) issued for 2 million Swiss francs for a total of 90,000 people.

October 2015: Locations identified for new camps to address overcrowding in the Nyarugusu camp. The TRCS is requested by UNCHR to expand its services into the new Mtendeli camp.

January 2016: IFRC deploys a Head of Emergency Operations (HEOps) as surge support to provide strategic and operational leadership and issued a revised Appeal (n° 2) for 5,245,197 Swiss francs for 250,000 people.

April – May 2016: 232,315 people fled Burundi, with 126,702 refugees registered in Tanzania. Revised Appeal issued for 5,213,378 Swiss francs for 250,000 people and the Appeal timeframe extended to August 2017.

July 2016 – Mid-term review report is published.