Tanzania-Floods OCHA Situation Report No.1

Ref: OCHAGVA - 98/0207.
1. Several days of uninterrupted torrential rains in early May have submerged hundreds of homes, washed away streets and destroyed bridges, cutting off several suburbs in Dar-es-Salaam. A collapsed bridge north of the capital damaged a major supply pipe of the city's water system leaving most inhabitants, hospitals and schools without water for over a week.

2. In their wake the floods made 4600 people homeless, the majority of them from valleys in the districts of Kinondoni, Dala and Temeke. Following the recommendations of a special Government task force, including representatives from the Ministry of Lands and Human Settlements, the City Commission and the Prime Minister's Office, the victims have been temporarily sheltered in public buildings and received food and medicines.

3. Apart from meeting the immediate needs of the victims, the Interministerial Committee has made available new plots of land, less susceptible to floods. The work and services involved in creating new homes will be cost and labour intensive. The Committee has assessed the needs. An emergency request has been formulated by the Prime Minister's Office and forwarded to OCHA through the UNDP office in Dar-es Salaam.

4. The monetary value of the costed items of the request is approx. 95,000 USDollars. OCHA is in contact with the UNDP country office to obtain details on uncosted items such as medicines, water supply and tents.

1. Pulses
12.5 Tons
2. Rice
16.1 Tons
3. Cooking oil
2243 Litres
4. Salt
361 kgs
5. Milk (powdered)
1446 Kgs
Housing needs
1. Tents
2. Mosquito nets
3. Kitchen Utensils
4. Clothing bales
5. Pit Latrines
6. Blankets
7. Kerosene Lamps


The new settlement area requires 4 new classrooms


including poles, timber, manpower, fuel, office equipment costing approx. 19,000 US.

5. Through the Tanzanian Red Cross the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRCS) has become involved in the emergency . Tents, tarpaulins, used clothes and kitchen sets have been made available by the IFRCS from their Regional Logistics Centre.

6. OCHA-Geneva is coordinating closely with the UN Resident Coordinator in Dar-es-Salaam and is prepared to serve as a channel for cash contributions, to be used during the immediate relief phase, in coordination/consultation with relevant organizations of the United Nations system. OCHA provides donors with written confirmation and pertinent details concerning the utilization of the funds contributed. Donors wishing to channel their contributions through OCHA should transfer funds to OCHA Account No. Co.590.160.1 at the Swiss Bank Corporation, Case Postale 2770, CH 1211, Geneva 2, Switzerland, with reference: Tanzania-Floods.

7. For coordination purposes, donors are requested to inform OCHA-Geneva, as indicated below, of relief missions, pledges or contribution and their corresponding values by item.

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