Tanzania: Flood Emergency Rapid Response Fund (RRF) No.7/2018

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Early this year, Tanzania experienced constant heavy rains that have resulted into floods and ceaselessly water springs, causing significant damages and losses to several goods and commodities ranging from farm crops, infrastructures and lives. On 29th through 30th of May 2018 the Nyumba ya Mungu Dam (Hydroelectric generation dam) that collects its waters from several permanent and seasonal rivers spilled off its water. This happened in a slow onset motion that could have not created any alert to three surrounding villages of Marwa Mferejini, Ruvu Mferejini and Ruvu Jiungeni in SAME District. The three villages comprise of 12 sub villages that are resided by a polygamist society (Maasai). The spilling water made river Ruvu to overflow leaving 450 households homeless. The floods washed away 980 acres of farmed land of which its crops were at a maturity state. It destroyed traditional bridges and blocked off all feeder roads to the three communities. Ten schools (nine Primary Schools and one Secondary School) are closed in the ward to allow School children to resettle.

There are presently 450 identified Households with family members ranging from 10 to 22 persons per household. Most of the community men left early with their animals leaving behind their women, children and petty domestic animals.

5,700 people are evacuated and reallocated by the Church and Government evacuation team unto a nearby homeless hill. 51% of the total displaced persons are children aged between 0-16 years and 15% of the total identified population represents the elderly group aged 60 years and above. These people require food and non-food items for their living. They do require psychosocial support too as this is happening for the first time to the majority and particularly to women and children.

According to reports from the District Disaster Management Mitigation Unit (DDMMU), the government of the republic of Tanzania through the Office of the SAME District Commissioner, it has provided surveyed land for the 450 households to settle. Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) provided a heavy tractor and traditional boats to remove people from the flooded area. A private company (Bonite Coca Cola Company) donated ten metric tons of cereal (Maize) and more than 200 boxes of safe drinking water for a consumption in the first week and therefore ACT Tanzania Forum is to cover the difference i.e. provide support to last for three months and for resilience, supply them with garden seeds.

The 450 Households are in dire need of shelters, food, psychosocial support, warmth and protection. As rains continues in Pare mountains the number of affected households and population particularly from Makuruwira community, whereby 50 families have not vacated though surrounded with shallow water shall increase. This calls for more support.

The Tanzanian Government has also placed its Militia people and Scouts in the allocated evacuation land where in collaboration with health staff are making simple washrooms to support the families as there is fear of eruption of waterborne diseases if care not given unto.