Tanzania: Flash Floods - Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF Operation n° MDRTZ015

Situation Report
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A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

During the night of 21st January 2014, heavy rains caused flash floods in Dumila/Dakawa area in Morogoro region, located approximately 270 kms West of Dar Es Salaam City. Initial information received on 22nd January reported of population displacements, extensive damages to infrastructure (roads, bridges, houses, schools, other public and religious buildings), and fields for crops. One person has been reported dead so far.

A rapid assessment has been undertaken by the Tanzanian Red Cross (TRCS) National Society estimating that the number of displaced persons is more than 10,000. The worst affected district is Kilosa, where the displacement has taken place. The total number of affected villages is not yet confirmed due to geographical disperse areas and inaccessibility. According to situation updates by the assessment team at Magore village, most public buildings (schools, churches, mosques) along the Morogoro-Dodoma highway have been submerged.

A key bridge on the highway that links Dar es Salaam City and Central/West Tanzania has been washed away by the floods leaving thousands of stranded road travellers. It is estimated that hundreds of houses in the areas affected have been brought down/flattened by the floods. The houses downstream were washed away and many others were flooded with mud and water destroying houses and belongings of people. There is massive destruction of fields and crops.

Some of the displaced families have been hosted by relatives and friends, others are temporarily accommodated in schools/classrooms, and the majority is on safer/higher open grounds. Many of the households are currently staying out in the open, exposed to the weather conditions, including vulnerable individuals (elderly, pregnant women and small children etc.).