Tanzania: Election Preparedness Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF n° MDRTZ028


Description of the disaster Every five (5) years, Tanzania holds national Presidential Elections. The next elections are planned to be held this year, on the 28th of October 2020. Below an overview of critical dates and timelines of this year’s election process:

  1. Registration of candidates: 24 – 27 August,2020

  2. Voter registration: done since 2019

  3. Election campaign: from 28 August to 27th October,2020.

  4. Election day :28 October,2020 5. Announcement day: starting 28 October,2020

While the situation in Tanzania has remained calm during past elections, with limited incidences of violence or protests linked to elections, there is an increased risk that violence may be experienced in hotspot regions within the country in the 2020 elections, due to strengthened opposition, increase in youth involvement and overall voter registration. In September, 10 foreign missions in Tanzania called for a free and fair election amid concerns by rights group about increased repression of opposition parties and non-governmental organisations. The number of registered voters increased from 20 million in 2015 to 29 million in 2020. This prompted TRCS to develop a contingency plan to respond effectively to any potential imminent humanitarian needs associated with the election process. The contingency plan focuses on both preparedness and response, including prepositioning and distribution of Household Items (HHIs), provision of First Aid (FA) and Psychosocial support (PSS), dissemination of RCRC Principles and peace promotion and emergency WASH services.