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Tanzania – Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework Withdrawal (EEAS, DG ECHO) (ECHO Daily Flash of 24 January 2018)

  • Yesterday the Government of Tanzania informed UNHCR that it has withdrawn the implementation of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF), stopping the ongoing exercise to provide Tanzanian citizenship to some Burundian refugees and that it will 'discourage new asylum seekers'. Tanzania had traditionally so far had a solid reputation for welcoming refugees and was a CRRF pilot country.

  • This decision may impact the asylum seekers arriving at Tanzanian borders and the more than 250 000 Burundian refugees living in camps among the more than 350 000 refugees hosted by Tanzania. According to international refugee law, people affected by conflict and persecution in their country of origin have a right to seek asylum in another country. Closure of borders may be therefore amount to refoulement.

  • DG ECHO will continue to closely monitor the humanitarian consequences of this decision.