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Kagezi is one of the three Health Centres of Kigoma region, that have been supported by SUSTAIN project with numerous construction activities. The Centre serves a population of more than 20,000 people, scattered in nine villages.

In strengthening gender- and adolescent-responsive RMNCAH services, SUSTAIN supported the construction of a maternity ward, theater rooms furnished with modern lifesaving equipment, and water systems from the two water tanks with storage capacity of 20,000 liters. To ensure a continual supply of electricity, the project installed solar panels systems.

The new two buildings add to three others that were earlier constructed by the Kibondo District Council, with one small solar panel. The three buildings were for a labour room, outpatient department and a maternity ward with two rooms.

The Health Centre was managed by one doctor, a nurse and medical attendant. The SUSTAIN project’s initiatives to improve gender-responsive quality services at Kagezi Health Centre, influenced the District Council to fund expansion of the maternity ward, that was initially constructed by the project. They also constructed two more rooms for X-rays and mortuary, and also roofed the Centre’s pavements.

“I do believe the government would have done something to improve health services here, but if it was not for SUSTAIN, I don’t think if we would have been able to do everything as we are doing now,” acknowledges Dr. Mabula.

These improvements call for human power, and as a result the Centre has recruited fourteen more staff, now for a total of seventeen.

“SUSTAIN’s support has been crucial, because it has changed the community and us as practioners, because we are now many and we do operations here, and we have a blood bank. We are saving lives of patients because we have all equipment for emergencies and normal procedures,” explains Dr. Mabula.