IOM to Provide Humanitarian Aid to Undocumented Migrants Expelled from Tanzania

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 30 Aug 2013

IOM is in discussions with counterparts in Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi on how to provide humanitarian aid to thousands of irregular migrants from the neighbouring countries ordered to leave within two weeks by the Tanzanian government.

A Tanzanian presidential order issued on 25 July told some 35,000 irregular migrants from Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda to leave Tanzania by 11th August. To date, an estimated 13,000 Burundians, 7,000 Rwandans and 600 Ugandans have complied.

The migrants include vulnerable people – pregnant women, unaccompanied minors and disabled people. There are also migrants in mixed marriages and individuals who do not know their community of origin.

IOM, in close collaboration with humanitarian partners, is planning to take the lead in providing them with emergency humanitarian aid. This may include transport and registration, as well as setting up or supporting existing transit centres near border crossing points, where new arrivals can get food, non-food relief items and medical help. IOM is also finalizing a plan to provide transport assistance from entry points to final destinations.

According to the Rwandan Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs, the government has already erected three transit centres along the border to accommodate Rwandan returnees.

In Burundi, IOM, UN agencies and local NGOs have conducted a joint rapid needs assessment in the eastern provinces of Rutana and Muyiga, the main entry points for most returnees.

The assessment showed that most returnees run out of food and water by the time they reach the border. In addition, due to the onset of the rainy season, they often risk contracting diseases including cholera, diarrhoea, malaria and respiratory diseases.

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