IOM Emergency Assistance brought to Earthquake Victims in Kagera Region both Physical and Psychological Relief, 20 June 2017 - Case Story: “I’m still afraid when big trucks pass near my house”

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“I was on my way home from my duty the day I saw my house was half collapsed. When I approached it, I was shocked as all my family members were in the house and neighbors were running away for their lives in different directions” Mr. Gerevaz remembers the day when Kagera Earthquake hit the area where he was living, 10 September 2016.

“I am still afraid when big trucks pass near my house, as the slight tremor of the ground remind me about the earthquake that, damaged my house” telling us about the trauma he and his family have had since the last earthquake hit most parts of the Kagera region.

Mr. Gerevaz lives in Ibaraizibu village of Karabagaine Ward of Bukoba Rural district, which was among the most affected areas in the district by the earthquake that, affected over 100,000 persons in Kagera Region of Tanzania. He is the head of a family of 5 members including three children. He survives from farming near his partially collapsed house as the result of the earthquake. He was staying with his family in his partially damaged house, which was very risky, for nearly 8 months, till IOM in collaboration with the Tanzanian Red Cross (TRC) constructed for his family and for others in similar conditions temporary shelters.

“I am now feeling protected and safe. I will continue repairing my former house while peacefully staying in my temporary shelter” showing us the progress he made in repairing his former house using locally produced bricks, he said. “I would like to thank IOM and (TRC) for this vital support”.

With funding from the United Nations (UN) Central Emergency Response Funding (CERF), IOM in collaboration with the TRC, constructed temporary shelters for more than 1,250 vulnerable families and distributed Non Food Items (NFI) kits to over 2,500 beneficiaries residing in affected households in three districts of Kagera region. The humanitarian assistance provided to the affected persons and families’ better protection and prevented both physical and psychological harm.

For additional information, please contact Mr Dinka Hayleyesus at dhayleyesus@iom.int or Mr Hashim Ally at hally@iom.int