Food Security Outlook Update - April through September 2011

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Key Messages

• Food security conditions at the national level remain satisfactory with all markets adequately supplied with staple foods. However, following the below-normal January vuli harvests in bimodal areas and the poor performance of the 2010/11 msimu rainy season in the central parts of unimodal areas, there are some localized areas experiencing food insecurity.

• The Food Security and Nutrition Assessment (FSNA) conducted by the Food Security Information Team (FSIT) in March indicated that 495,000 people in 22 districts would be generally food insecure. This food insecure population is mainly concentrated in the northern, northeastern, and central parts of the country and they will likely need 11,900 metric tons (MT) of food between April and June. The March FSNA recommended 1,200 MT of free food aid for 49,000 people and 10,700 MT of food for sale at subsidized prices for the 446,000 people who cannot afford to purchase food at market prices.