Burundi Regional Refugee Response Plan - midyear update (January - June 2017)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 20 Sep 2017 View Original

Regional update

The protection environments in host countries, as well as in Burundi, has substantially evolved since the 2017 Regional Refugee Response Plan was developed. While the projected target population figures planned for in the 2017 RRRP appeared valid in July based on arrivals in the first part of the year and remain unchanged, new and additional financial requirements were identified at mid year.

These additional needs arose due to a combination of factors including: congestion in camps as a result of limited land allocation; insecurity; lack of locally available shelter materials; shortages of water and food; and oversubscribed health and education services. While the needs have been identified and are reflected in this updated RRRP, deep funding shortfalls persist and are adversely and directly impacting Burundian refugees and their hosts.

Despite these hurdles, innovative policies have been adopted throughout the region, seeking to promote greater inclusion and socio-economic self-reliance of Burundian refugees. The commendable efforts by host states and partners deserve to be recognized and supported with commensurate resources from the international community, not only to alleviate the growing plight of Burundian refugees but also to maintain asylum space, as well as peace and security in the Great Lakes and East Africa region.