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Belgian aid for the floods in Tanzania

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The Belgian Development Cooperation has granted EUR 49,500 to assist the Tanzanian Red Cross in bringing emergency aid to the victims of the floods that are affecting the country. Flooding in the city of Dar Es Salaam has caused 20 deaths. Over 200 people have been injured and some 10,000 others, i.e. 2,000 families, have had to be evacuated.

Since 20 December, the inhabitants of Dar es Salaam have been evacuated in large numbers. The drainage system has been submerged. According to the Tanzanian Meteorological Office, these are the worst rains ever experienced in Tanzania since the country’s independence in 1961. As things stand, there have been 20 fatalities and 200 persons injured. Over 10,000 persons have been moved from their homes to reception centres, and 2,500 persons have also been reported missing, most of them children. Several of the main access arteries are under water and a number of bridges have been destroyed.

The local Red Cross, through its network of volunteers, is distributing first aid kits, life-vests, blankets, drinking water and water purification equipment, food, cooking sets and mosquito nets. 1,000 families will receive first-line assistance in the camps, whereas 3,000 others, who have remained in the flooded areas, will benefit from water purification work. And 300 families among the latter will receive emergency assistance for accommodation.