Workshop on the humanitarian development peace nexus in Ukraine (09-10 June 2021, Ukraine) [EN/UK]

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On 9-10 June 2021, the UN in Ukraine hosted an online workshop to discuss the further operationalization of the HumanitarianDevelopment-Peace Nexus (HDP/HDPN) within Ukraine. Over the two days, the workshop was attended by more than 300 participants from a diverse group of stakeholders: representatives from the Government of Ukraine, development partners, international financial institutions, NGOs, academia and civil society. The active participation of such a large group demonstrated the commitment of partners to advancing the HDP Nexus agenda in Ukraine.

The event consisted of two high-level panel discussions and seven breakout groups. The workshop’s overall objective was to: a) assess progress, b) identify operational opportunities and, c) propose concrete ways to overcome barriers to further operationalize the Nexus in Ukraine.

During the event it became clear that the Nexus in Ukraine has the potential to be a key accelerator of advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within Ukraine, provided that there are agreed shared Nexus priorities among humanitarian, development and peace actors to move from delivering aid to reducing risks, vulnerabilities and ultimately ending humanitarian needs.

Throughout the workshop it was evident that the operationalization of the HDP Nexus in Ukraine has already overcome some initial challenges in moving from theory to practice, and Nexus-specific initiatives are being implemented successfully. Examples include the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund’s Nexus allocation, the Sector Working Group (SWG) on Recovery and Reintegration, the Vilnius Taskforce and several innovative programmatic interventions. Since substantial progress has already been made, the workshop’s participants emphasized that at the heart of the Nexus approach is the desire to work jointly towards meaningful results for people affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

During the workshop and through one of the initial presentations by the invited HDP Nexus expert, it was reinforced that while specific models may differ to suit diverse contexts, the fundamental approach with the Nexus is defined by the pursuit of shared Nexus priorities. These priorities transcend the humanitarian development-peace divide, engaging a variety of actors over multiple years, and are based on the comparative advantages of contributing actors.

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