WFP Ukraine Country Brief, April 2016 [EN/RU/UK]

Situation Report
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  • WFP requires USD 35 million to cover operational needs in Ukraine until October 2016.
  • WFP assisted 131,000 people under Emergency Operation 200765 in April 2016.
  • As security incidents along the contact line increase, so do concerns for the humanitarian situation of civilians.
  • With the support of local authorities, WFP has introduced Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) projects aimed at improving food security and rehabilitation of infrastructures at the community level.

Operational Updates

  • WFP’s registration request has been submitted to local authorities in Luhansk NGCA in order to resume operations. However, following the resignation of Luhansk’s local authority Chairman on 22 April, the registration of UN agencies are expected to be delayed, pending a new appointment to the position.
  • On 19 April, WFP signed a Field Level Agreement (FLA) with the NGO, Association Internationale de Cooperation Medicale (AICM: International Association of Medical Cooperation). As AICM is operating in Donetsk NGCA, this partner will distribute WFP food to in-patients at hospitals affected by the conflict. WFP also continues to distribute food parcels in Donetsk NGCA through its NGO partner, People in Need (PIN).
  • WFP, with the support of local authorities and NGO partners, (Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and PIN), has introduced a Food Assistance for Asset (FFA) project. Discussions with communities identified community assets requiring repair, this included building footpaths, cleaning of school facilities, maintenance of public areas and reinforcing of local bridge.
  • The project focuses on rebuilding assets as well as the rehabilitation of community infrastructure. The enthusiasm of the local community has seen over 1,600 people now registered. In Donetsk NGCA, community action in Blagodatnoe included creating a road to bypass a destroyed bridge.