WASH Cluster Incident Report No. 98 - 12/12/2017

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WASH Cluster was informed that at 9:45 am (Kyiv time) today, 12th December, Golmovskyi Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) was de-energized due toshelling. This WWTP serves village of Golmovskyi (Horlivskyi rajon, Donetsk NGCA), where Voda Donbasa has 3636 accounts (arond7800 people live in this town).

According to the information from REK (the electricity supplier in Non-Government Controlled Areas) the substation in Dolomitne was hit and, as a result, the transformer was damaged losing all its transformer oil. At the moment the several villages were cut from mains electricity including Troitske and Hladosove.

The WASH Cluster is in touch with ‘Voda Donbasa’ and REK and will report any additional information to WASH Cluster partners