WASH Cluster Incident Report No. 91 - 06/11/2017


Electricity company LEO cuts off Petrovskyi pumps, which supply Luhansk city

On 6 th November, LEO cut off Petrovskyi water intake, in Government Controlled Areas (GCA) of Luhansk oblast, due to non-payment of historic debts. PVK have nearly been able to clear debts since August 2016, thanks to payments made by Luhansk Voda, from Non-Government Controlled Areas (NGCA) which were facilitated by successful Minsk negotiations. However historic debts remain from pre 2016.

Petrovskyi water intake belongs to the Popasnyanskyi Vodocanal (PVK), which is the main water supplier to NGCA Luhansk via several water systems, as well as some GCA areas. Petrovskyi intake serves two settlements in GCA Artema and Nyznhoteple and several settlements in NGCA, mainly Luhansk city.

The overall number of served people is officially around 150, 000 people (pre-conflict number supplied by PVK) of the estimated 350,000 people in Luhansk city, however in 2017 Petrovskyi only supplies water around 10% of the needs of Luhansk city, where it is diluted with other water sources to improve the overall water quality. Luhansk Voda has developed alternative water sources since the start of the conflict, although quality is worse from those sources. Villages between the line of contact and Luhansk city, on the route of the pipeline, will require trucked water: Obozne, Pryvitne, Stukalova Balka and Metallist (the WASH cluster is checking of Luhansk Voda is trucking sufficient water).

According to information from PVK, LEO sent a warning letter to the water company last week. LEO opted to cut off electricity to the facility instead of sealing some equipment.