WASH Cluster Incident Report №289, 08/11/2021

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Popasnianskyi Vodokanal (PVK) informed the WASH Cluster that on Sunday, 7th November 2021, shelling damaged a water pumping station in Svitlychne settlement, in Luhansk oblast in the Government Controlled Area (GCA) of eastern Ukraine. Shelling started shortly after 3pm, with nearby explosions heard between 3.15 pm and 4.00 pm. During this period there were around 15 explosions in the vicinity of the pumping station. Fortunately, there were not many people, working at the time (due to the weekend) and no staff were injured. During the incident some staff took shelter in the basement, and as soon as shelling stopped, all staff left the facility.

The pumping station in Svitlychne combines a pumping facility, water quality laboratory, workshop for local repairs, and a garage for water company vehicles. PVK reported damage to the buildings (walls and roof), and broken windows. Equipment at the water quality laboratory and the workshop are currently also being checked for damage. Luckily the water supply to the nearby settlements of (Svitlychne, Novotoshkivske and some other) continues to run. Note that before the conflict, water from this area was sent to Non-Government Controlled Areas (NGCA) via a pipeline to the south, however that pipe was stopped.

Other infrastructure in the area was also reportedly affected by shelling, at this time. According to a local gas provider, a gas pipeline was damaged and currently around 700 households are without gas in Nuzhnee and Krymske. Also, according to grid operator of the regional power supply system LEO, around 800 households (also in in Nuzhnee and Krymske ) were cut from electricity supply due to a damaged 35kV powerline. Reportedly LEO restored power supply at 2 pm today (Monday 8th November 2021).

The WASH Cluster is in touch with PVK water company and will inform partners of any updates and whether any rapid response is needed.