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USAID/Ukraine Rapid Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine - July 14, 2022


Our Response

The USAID Mission in Ukraine continues to transform its programming to meet the urgent needs of the Ukrainian people following Russia’s full-scale invasion.All USAID/Ukraine programs remain active and we continue to invest in more than 40 activities run by more than 700 implementing partner staff in the country.All of this helps to make Ukraine stronger, more democratic, and more prosperous, and helps Ukrainians realize the promise of the Revolution of Dignity.

Assistance to Critical Sectors

Since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, we have provided inputs and services to more than 8,000 farmers, accounting for 14% of Ukraine’s agricultural enterprises.We have supplied high-quality seed potatoes to 5,500 farmers in 13 oblasts, including in the hard-hit regions of Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kyiv, and Zaporizhzhia.We have provided 1,600 farmers with vegetable seeds and 700 farmers with fertilizers, pesticides, and spraying services.We are providing drone spraying services to 87 farmers, which reduces fuel consumption by 90%.

USAID supports efforts to help displaced persons integrate in their host communities. In western Ukraine, our youth empowerment activity helped establish 24 local hubs where nearly 13,000 young people, many of whom are internally displaced, have received psychological support, learned new skills, and built connections with others in their communities.We also partnered with the International Organization for Migration to support a series of youth camps to advance the social integration of displaced youth.

USAID’s energy security project in Ukraine is supporting implementation of the new Ukraine Energy Support Fund established by the Energy Community Secretariat, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, and a number of international donors. The Fund will mobilize international support to help Ukraine repair and rebuild the energy infrastructure damaged by Russia’s aggression and support the entire energy sector affected by the war. USAID will support the Ministry to prioritize the sector’s needs and transparently procure the equipment required to repair and rebuild power plants, transmission lines, and other energy infrastructure targeted by Russia’s aggression.

USAID empowers young people to engage in volunteer activities while helping war-affected youth access support and services.We have helped mobilize youth volunteers to deliver humanitarian assistance to more than 113,000 people across Ukraine.We will also help a 24/7 suicide prevention and mental health hotline expand its operations to better address the needs of young people.

We provided grants to six civil society organizations strengthening access to justice in Ukraine’s communities, including in temporarily-occupied territories. CSO partners are providing legal aid, humanitarian assistance, and psychological support to war-affected people including IDPs, victims of war crimes, trafficking survivors, and returned refugees.We have helped more than 50 civil society organizations across Ukraine reorient their activities to meet the urgent needs of IDPs and other Ukrainians in need.