UNICEF Ukraine Humanitarian Situation Report - July - September 2021

Situation Report
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From the period since the ceasefire came into effect on 27 July 2020, there has been a 32 per cent decrease in the number of security incidents compared with the preceding twelve months. In the first nine months of 2021, there has however been a notable intensification, with the UN (United Nations) recorded 84 civilian casualties in the conflict zone, among them four children were killed, and six children were injured.

In the reporting period, the epidemiological situation significantly deteriorated across the country, with a fourfold increase in the number of cases month-over-month (from 34,000 in August to 130,000 by end of September), prompting the introduction of “yellow-zone” restrictions countrywide. Ukraine’s national vaccination campaign remained slow, with less than six million of its adult population being fully vaccinated as of 30 September. The access to the non-government-controlled areas (NGCA) remained a major challenge for the humanitarian community from the start of the pandemic.

In the reporting period, UNICEF received about USD 10 million, out of a USD 14.7 million appeal. Because of the carry over funding from 2020, the funding gap indicator is zero, however the HIV/AIDS, health and education programmes still remain under-funded.