UNHCR delivered 92 tons of humanitarian aid to Luhansk

The humanitarian cargo will provide much needed help and assistance to the conflict affected population

On September 10, the UNHCR humanitarian convoy arrived in Luhansk. This is the first such convoy of magnitude to be crossing after the quarantine measures, when almost all movement through the “contact line”, including restricting movement of humanitarian convoys, was stopped to control the spread of COVID-19.

The UNHCR convoy of 10 trucks contains timber and construction materials with a total weight of 92,000 kg, destined to the shelter activities for people affected by the conflict in Luhanska oblast.

“This convoy carries construction materials destined to our shelter activities in Luhansk through Donetsk represents an example of effective cooperation among several parties. The humanitarian cargo will provide much needed help and assistance to the civilian population affected by the conflict on both sides of the contact line. We thank all stakeholders involved in the logistical arrangements, facilitation and transit of the convoy. We count on all parties to continue such successful collaboration on humanitarian matters in future”, commented Giorgi Sanikidze, Head of UNHCR Sub Office in Sloviansk.

Since 2018, UNHCR has been the co-leading agency in Logistics Sectoral Working Group and facilitated all convoys to NGCA for UN agencies and international NGOs. During 2020, more than 600,000 kg of goods were delivered for displaced and conflict affected persons on the non-government controlled areas, including through the pedestrian Stanitsia Luhanska Entry-Exit Checkpoint.