Under water

Situation Report
Originally published
Over 400,000 people were affected by floods caused by severe rain in Western Ukraine last weekend. Nine districts of the Transcarpathian province were badly hit, and some 25,000 people were evacuated from their homes. Bridges were destroyed, dams were broken and motorways and railways have been eroded by flooding. A large number of the population is still at risk, since sewage and water supply systems were heavily damaged. The authorities have already issued warnings to people not to drink the contaminated water, as risks of epidemics are high. The Ukrainian Red Cross Society has distributed food parcels, sanitary items and water filters, and is using helicopters to reach people who have been cut off by the floods. Red Cross nurses make regular visits to the flood victims, providing counselling and trying to prevent infectious diseases to spread. Still, there is enormous demand for food, warm clothing, footwear, disinfectants, medicines, water filters, hygienic kits and blankets, as winter emerges. The Netherlands Red Cross is donating over 165,000 Swiss francs to flood victims, and the Federation is negotiating with ECHO on getting further 275,000 Swiss francs. An additional of 83,000 Swiss francs will be donated to the vulnerable in Ukraine under the Federation's Winter emergency appeal.