UN funding requirements for humanitarian preparedness and response in Ukraine (15 Aug – 31 Dec 2014)

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In response to the situation in Ukraine, United Nations funds, agencies and programs and IOM have been scaling up their operational and response capacities since May 2014.

This document defines the capacity funding requirements of the UN coordination mechanism in Ukraine to continue working toward the implementation of the four strategic priority areas under the overall strategic goal of the Preliminary Response Plan:

Strategic Objective 1:
Provision of technical support to the Government in the fields of preparedness, humanitarian response and its coordination, as well as related areas such as national legislation on internal displacement, a revised humanitarian law and its implementation.

Strategic Objective 2:
Ongoing monitoring and assessment of the humanitarian situation and needs in response to the situation in eastern Ukraine, particularly in the areas affected by violence, IDP-receiving areas and the areas of potential return.

Strategic Objective 3:
Scale-up of response capacity and immediate gaps-filling response, including prepositioning of limited amounts of most essential stocks and items.

Strategic Objective 4:
Prioritization of high impact early recovery activities in post-conflict areas to support quick recovery with a focus on livelihoods opportunities, normalization of basic services, return and postconflict reconciliation programming.