UN and Ukraine Government raise funding for an immediate action plan for humanitarian aid for Ukraine's east at $33.3 million

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14 August 2014 - The United Nations (UN) jointly with the Government presented the Preliminary Response Plan (PRP) and UN funding requirements in order to raise funding aimed at addressing the needs of population affected by the conflict taking place in the Eastern Part of the country.

The donor meeting was hosted by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES) at its premises in Kyiv. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine was also represented by the Deputy Director-General for International Organizations/Head of UN Division. The SES Deputy Head / Head of Government Coordination Headquarters, Mr. Stoetskii, co-chaired the meeting together with the UN Resident Coordinator Mr. Toyberg-Frandzen. The representatives of the donor community and all UN heads of agencies with UN funding requirements based on the PRP took part in the meeting: IOM, OCHA, OHCHR, UNDP, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP and WHO.

Mr. Stoetskii highlighted the importance of the meeting and noted that PRP was a joint endeavor of the Government of Ukraine and the international humanitarian community. Mr. Stoetskii also updated on the current humanitarian situation in Donbas region with particular emphasis on the activities that the Government of Ukraine has been carrying out to date.

Mr. Toyberg-Frandzen thanked the Government for hosting the meeting, expressed his gratitude to the donor community for showing such extensive interest in PRP launch. He once again underlined the fact that the PRP was the product of close collaboration between the Government of Ukraine and UN in-country humanitarian team that laid the foundation for ongoing and future humanitarian response in Ukraine as the needs are being further quantified.

Mr. Toyberg-Frandzen recognised that the Government of Ukraine has been responding to the on-going needs of the affected population. "Stories from the cities of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk that were retaken from armed groups are examples where the government in a very short period of time managed to rebuild damaged infrastructure, restore supply of electricity, provided the affected population with food, health facilities and other basic needs." - said Mr. Toyberg-Frandzen.

"However, as the winter approached and the fighting continues to trigger displacement, there is a need to scale up the humanitarian response, including international collaboration with the Government of Ukraine to meet the basic humanitarian needs of the affected population – not tomorrow but now!", - he added.

The PRP is the product of collaboration between the Government of Ukraine and the in country humanitarian community and lays the foundation for future humanitarian response in Ukraine as the need are quantified.

The PRP has one overarching strategic goal and four strategic priority objectives:

The Overall strategic goal is to save lives, protect and facilitate return. The Four strategic objectives encompass:

1) Provisioning of technical support to the government in the field of preparedness and humanitarian response;
2) on-going monitoring and assessment of the humanitarian situation;
3) scale-up of response capacity and
4) Prioritisation of high impact early recovery activities.

"These four priority objectives not only aims at supporting quick, efficient and coordinated humanitarian recovery efforts but also strengthening the Government’s primary responder role." - said the UN Resident Coordinator.

Mr. Toyberg-Frandzen emphasized the importance of donor funding which will allow the United Nations to respond in scale commensurate to the existing needs.