Ukraine Strategic Response Plan 2015

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PERIOD January – December 2015

189 million USD requested

1.4 million Estimated number of people in need of humanitarian assistance (total population of Ukraine: 45m)

900,000 People targeted for aid in this plan

508,000 Internally displaced from eastern Ukraine and Crimea

Strategic objectives
1 Respond to the protection needs of displaced and other conflictaffected people, with due regard to international humanitarian norms and standards.
2 Provide life-saving assistance and ensure non-discriminatory access to quality essential services for displaced and other conflict-affected people, with emphasis on the most vulnerable.
3 Improve the access of displaced and conflict-affected people to high-impact early recovery activities with a focus on livelihoods opportunities, normalization of basic services, return and postconflict reconciliation programming, with attention to reducing social inequalities.

Parameters of the response

The humanitarian community estimates that 1.4 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, and will prioritize the 900,000 most vulnerable people living mainly in the five most-affected regions for 2015. As Ukraine is a middle-income country with national and local capacity for response in place, the humanitarian community will prioritize only the most vulnerable populations living mainly in eastern Ukraine, complementing local response in areas where capacities may be insufficient. A ‘do no harm’ approach has been adopted to ensure that the response does not exacerbate the humanitarian situation, providing support for internally displaced people (IDPs), returnees, host communities, and people living in conflict areas who did not displace from their homes. The response will also pay attention to reducing considerable gender gaps, and the provision of capacity building in humanitarian preparedness and response in Government and civil society.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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