Ukraine: Socio-economic impact and need assessment, Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts (20 Jan 2016)

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Key Needs

  • In the agricultural sector, lack of inputs is perceived as by far the most important impact of the conict, followed by outbreak of diseases, lack of manpower, and land degradation. Limited access to agricultural inputs is mainly the result of increasing poverty, and rising prices of agricultural inputs (up by 86.2 percent).

  • The most urgently needed forms of support are agricultural inputs and animal feed, which have become unaordable to the population, in addition to being in short supply or physically inaccessible to more than 150 000 households. Additional needs include restocking of live animals, plant protection for control of pests and diseases, and appropriate agricultural equipment and tools.

  • For plant production and propagation, fertilizers and tools are the top-priority needs in order to restart or maintain production. For maintaining and improving livestock production, animal feed is the most needed type of support, followed by restocking of lost animals.

  • The Non-Government Control areas have felt a significantly greater impact on agricultural production and incomes, indicating a greater need of support.

  • Unsupported, the subsistence agriculture sector is expected to continue having difficulties in meeting its needs for continued production, and can be expected to further contract, affecting the sustainability of livelihoods and ultimately the food security of the affected population.

  • The overall value of support required by the most vulnerable population is estimated at approximately USD 6 million, while necessary support for the most affected population is estimated at approximately USD 20 million.