Ukraine Situation: UNHCR Operational Update, 11 - 30 April 2015



  • Situational overview: Despite hopes for renewed commitment to the 12 February ceasefire over the Easter holiday, the period saw an unprecedented surge in fighting. The situation remains volatile and unpredictable with ceasefire violations occurring on a daily basis.

  • Protection concerns: The Government is facing challenges to accurately registering IDPs. Accurate registration is essential to provide IDPs with access to social assistance and other forms of aid. UNHCR is working with the Ministry of Social Policy to improve the IDP database.

  • Legislation update: A new Cabinet of Ministers Resolution, extending financial support to IDPs for a further six months, was approved on 31 March and is expected to come into effect in the next few days.

  • Assistance provided: Since 11 April, UNHCR provided non-food aid to 2,500 people in government controlled areas. UNHCR also delivered 200 roofing panels in the heavily shelled village of Shchastya. In non-government controlled areas, UNHCR distributed 23,500 m2 of emergency shelter tarpaulin as well as blankets and clothes to some 3,250 people.