Ukraine Protection Monitoring Report of settlements along the contact line related to COVID-19 [EN/UK)

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Data updated 27 March and shared with Oblast Authorities for their planning

Introduction: If it were to spread to areas along the contact line, COVID-19 could have a devastating impact. The population in isolated settlements along the contact line includes a large proportion of older persons (41 per cent) who suffer from the additional stress imposed by the armed conflict.

Additionally, the infrastructure for prevention of the COVID-19 (such as plentiful clean water for hygiene) and response (medical facilities) has been weakened by the conflict. UNHCR’s partner organization Proliska has a network of community workers who live in settlements along the contact line. They have compiled initial information about preparedness levels and the impact of quarantine measures in 119 settlements in a geographic area approximately five kilometers along the contact line in government-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine. Below are some of the challenges identified.

Risk Factor: In 23 settlements, persons have returned to their village from abroad during the last month. Most were among the large group of migrants (e.g. workers, students) who returned to Ukraine after the outbreak of the pandemic. In 11 of these settlements, there is information that the returnees have self-isolated. In three settlements, the returnees have not self-isolated, and in nine there is no information about whether returnees have self-isolated.