Ukraine: The Protection Cluster includes sub-clusters on child protection, gender based violence and mine action - December 2019 - January 2020 [EN/RU/UK]

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Protection Concerns

  • Civilian casualties: The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine recorded 15 conflict-related casualties (2 persons died and 13 were injured). The number of casualties increased from three in December to 12 in January.

  • Security: On 18 December, a 57-year old man was killed by small arms fire in Marinka (Donetsk GCA). A 12-year old boy was injured by an explosion of an unidentified object in Miusinsk (Luhansk NGCA). The State Security Service uncovered an illegal ammunition depot on the outskirts of Shchastia town (Luhansk GCA), which contained grenades, electric detonators and weapons cartridges. Partners reported an increase of checks of identity documents in Donetsk NGCA. People without identity documents issued by the de-facto authorities have been detained for several hours.

  • Access to livelihoods: Stray animals continue to pose a danger to people and livestock in settlements close to the contact line. On 14 January, stray dogs in Krymske (Luhansk GCA) attacked chickens provided to a local family as part of a livelihoods project, leaving the family without access to livelihoods.

  • Freedom of movement: During December 2019 – January 2020, three men died due to health complications at Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint and one woman died at Horlivka checkpoint (Donetsk, NGCA). Due to Amendments to the Resolution №815 on crossing the contact line people who are restricted from crossing of state border are also not allowed to cross the contact line to NGCA. Partners identified 33 cases when people returning to NGCA were not allowed to cross the contact line as they were included in the debtor’s registry in GCA, based on their credit debts, debts for utilities, or child alimony. Some people have no financial resources to fulfill their obligations, as well as to stay in GCA. In other cases, people have paid their debts but remain on the registry, because the mechanism for updating this information is not well defined.

  • Housing, land and property rights: The owners of housing damaged in Pisky village (Donetsk GCA), which includes 400 apartments in multi-storey buildings, 296 private houses, 67 houses for 4 owners and 1 dormitory with 100 apartments, cannot receive documents of acts of damages, which are needed for compensation, as the commission responsible for issuing the documentation refuses to come to the settlement due to security reasons.

  • Access to essential services: During the reporting period, Protection Cluster partners identified five cases of fire ignition resulting from the usage of unsafe heating devices in settlements along the contact line, which are cut off from gas heating. On 20 January, firefighters could not сome to extinguish a fire in a residential building in Hladosove village, as one of the roads was blocked due to security reasons and another road was mined. On 17 January, a firefighting truck came under shelling on the way to Chermalyk village, which is located near the contact line.