Ukraine: Protection Cluster Factsheet - October 2018 [EN/RU/UK]



  • Civilian casualties: In October, OHCHR recorded 18 conflict-related civilian casualties (5 killed and 13 injured). Overall, mine and ERW-related incidents accounted for 61% of casualties.

  • Mine contamination: On October 17, a man was injured due to a grenade explosion near a kindergarten in Donetske (Luhansk NGCA).
    On October 18, a man and a woman residing in Zolote -5 (Luhansk NGCA) stepped on a mine in the area between the military positions of parties in Zolote-4. The man was killed immediately, while the woman was wounded and called out for help. However, no one could reach her due to mine contamination in the area where she was lying, and she eventually died. Their bodies could only be removed 6 days after the tragedy, when a path to the bodies could be cleared.
    On October 23, two men returning from repairing water pipelines were injured near Zalizne (Donetsk GCA) when their truck hit a mine.

  • Freedom of movement: On October 18, ‘Marinka’ checkpoint (Donetsk GCA) came under small arms fire attack, with one car damaged.

  • Settlements along the contact line: 14 families (32 people) in Zolote-4 (Luhansk region) requested Popasna district authorities to relocate them from an apartment building which often comes under shelling as part of it is used by the Ukrainian military. 15 families were displaced to GCA from the two streets of Hutir Vilniy area of Zolote-4, which are controlled by armed groups of the self-proclaimed ‘LPR’.

  • Housing, land and property rights: Owners of land plots report that they continue to be charged taxes on land even when it is used by the military and therefore no longer produces income. As civilians cannot document property use by the military, owners have to continue to pay land tax for plots they cannot harvest and which do not produce income anymore.

  • Access to basic services: From October 15, about 50,000 people residing in Toretsk and nearby villages remained without water for 9 days, when the Horlivka-Toretsk pipeline was damaged near the contact line. Central heating was not turned on in apartment buildings as people had to use water from the heating system for other purposes.
    From October 10, over 30,000 people in Marinka and Krasnohorivka and settlements of Volnovaskiy rayon were left without water for 7 days due to repairs at South Donbas water line.

  • Access to documentation: Protection Cluster partners report problems with temporary accommodation faced by NGCA residents coming to Stanytsia Luhanska to obtain identity documents, who have to wait until their documents are ready.
    People who cannot afford the daily cost of rent are sometimes requested by landlords to do cleaning, construction, or agricultural works in exchange for accommodation.