Ukraine: Mine Action - 5W Situation Report (as of 01 July 2022)



According to the National Mine Action Authority, 160,000km2 of Ukrainian territory has been exposed to conflict and is an area of interest to be surveyed to identify the nature and extent of explosive ordnance contamination in Ukraine. Currently, about 120,000km2 of this territory is under the control of Russian Forces. The State Emergency Services of Ukraine (SESU) report that they have cleared 149,032 items of explosive ordnance since March to the 29th of June in 2022. They also have developed an App for reporting explosive ordnance, accessible at An English version of the App is under development.

During the week 20-25th June the Intersessional of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty (APMBC) and the 25th National Directors Meeting (25NDM) took place in Geneva. The situation in Ukraine received high profile. At the APMBC event the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) explored the impact of explosive ordnance contamination and the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) presented a report by the Human Rights Watch on the use of landmines in Ukraine. At the 25NDM, during a side event, the National Mine Action Authority (NMAA) presented on the challenges for mine action in Ukraine, The HALO Trust on their expanding field activities and UNDP on mine action activities and priorities for Ukraine.

According to data collected by The HALO Trust in Ukraine, there are 78 accidents where 65 people have been killed and 87 injured as a result of mines and UXO.