Ukraine: Mine Action - 5W Situation Report (as of 01 August 2022)


This report is produced by the Mine Action Sub-Cluster in Ukraine in collaboration with partners. It covers the period from 24 February 2022 to 31 July of 2022.


The month of July saw a further expansion of field operations of NGOs with over 12M m2 of land surveyed and 461K m2 cleared. One hundred and eighteen items of explosive ordnance were recovered and destroyed. Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) reached 40,000 beneficiaries through face-to-face training and 3.14M through digital outreach.

Work on the updated Flash Appeal (which will be launched in August) for the period running to the end of 2022 will present 14.6M people in need (PIN) concerning mine action services. Of these 6M will be targeted for the period running to December 2022 through a total estimated budget of $89.4M. New indicators are being introduced which also reflect the developing sector. Earlier in the year EORE activities were a focus as martial law in Ukraine halted field operations, indicators were then expanded to include NTS outputs when restrictions were lifted and now, looking forward, additional indicators capture expanded clearance parameters.

From the period 25.02.22 to 12.07.22 the HALO Trust documented 169 civilian casualties from explosive devices – 71 killed and 98 injured from 89 accidents. This is considered a significant under-representation of actual statistics. One key impediment to the efficiency of international clearance operations concerns the restrictions on the use of explosives for the critical activity of destroying landmines and unexploded ordnance. Currently, international organizations are reliant on the Ukrainian military or State Emergency Services to perform demolitions when expertise is already embedded in the ranks of the INGOs.

Explosive ordnance disposal in other country settings is undertaken by INGO technical specialists as a routine task. To maximize international investments, reduce the burden on national capacities, and expedite mine action activities to facilitate recovery, reconstruction, and safe return in Ukraine, the MASC is lobbying to change the current explosive disposal practices to reflect the global norm.